Santosh Nair

Founder and Managing Director - Miklens Bio Pvt. Ltd.

A Bit About Myself

Santosh Nair
Santosh Nair

I am the Founder and Managing Director of Miklens Bio Pvt. Ltd., a company dedicated to bring about a change in the way agriculture is practised in India and worldwide. I am a passionate agriculturist who has changed tracks from Banking to Farming and I am pleased with the choice.

My Portfolio

Years of Experience

Nearly 2 and a half decades of work experience as a banker and as an agriculture enthusiast

Present Position

Founder and MD, Miklens Bio Pvt. Ltd.

Future Goals

Miklens Bio Pvt. Ltd. is purely a Make In India company and supports the initiative. We wish to bring about a radical change in the agricultural canvas all around.

My Blogs

This platform is an effort to share my views and opinion on various aspects related to agriculture, farming community and the consumer. I intend to share as much information as possible to generate awareness about Organic and our aim of Residue Free Cultivation.

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